Beijing Mule Recipe: The perfect spring cocktail to shake off winter

When Smirnoff Vodka’s mixologist Cameron Bogue went about updating the uber cocktail, the Moscow Mule, he did it with a dash of clean, fresh Asian flair- perfect for any spring time gathering. From brunch, lunch to sophisticated get together, Cameron’s Beijing Mule is the ideal way to throw off the shackles of any weary winter!

Interesting Did You Know:

The Moscow Mule (vodka and ginger beer) was crafted in 1941 by the Los Angeles tavern owner of a place called The Cock n’Bull, which at the time was a celebrity haunt in the city of angels. The drink used to be served in a copper mug- part of the marketing machine used to get Americans to drink more vodka than their preferred gin back in the day. Cameron’s take on the Mule is exotic and aromatic and best served in a tall glass (preferrably not copper)!

The Beijing Mule

1 ½ oz Sautéed Asian pear-infused Smirnoff Vodka (instructions below)

¼ oz Yuzu juice (see note below)

¼ oz Saffron simple syrup (instructions below)

4 oz Ginger Beer

Sliced Asian pear for garnish


Combine first three ingredients in a tall glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with an Asian pear slice.

Sautéed Asian pear-infused Smirnoff Vodka

Thinly slice 4 Asian pears. Melt 2 tbs. butter in a sauté pan. Add pear sliced, coating them evenly. Sauté until golden brown and caramelized. Place pears in sealable container and cover with 750 ml of Smirnoff Vodka. Let the mixture steep for one week, then strain liquid through cheesecloth into carafe.

Saffron Simple SyrupIn a sauce pan, bring 2 cups water and 2 cups sugar to a boil. Let boil until clear and remove from heat. Add 1 tsp. saffron and let steep in refrigerator for a minimum of 2 days.

*NOTE: Yuzu Juice

A citrus fruit indigenous to China- a cross between a lemon and lime, with hints of tangerine. Be careful not to purchase juice with added salt (intended for cooking).

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